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How to Build on the Momentum of the Women’s March

In my last post, I challenged readers to make 2017 the Year of the Woman. Last weekend’s Women’s March on Washington—and hundreds of Sister Marches around the world—show that we’re starting off the year in exactly that direction.

The marches collectively brought millions of women together in solidarity and empowerment. The mission of the Women’s March is for women to “stand together with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families—recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.”

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Complexity Requires Agility

Consider for a moment President Obama’s last few weeks: He has been entangled in a critical debate with Congress regarding the deficit. He made an unscheduled trip to Alabama to offer comfort and support after the deadliest tornado outbreak in nearly 40 years killed hundreds of people and decimated towns in six states. He’s been nettled by Donald Trump and those who continue to question the legitimacy of his Presidency. And, of course, he bore the burden of making the decision to proceed with the raid that ultimately led to Osama bin Laden’s death – a decision with global ramifications. All of this against a backdrop of ongoing conflict in Libya and turmoil in the Middle East.

Such is the job of today’s leaders, whether they lead countries, corporations, institutions, departments or teams. They must manage multiple priorities (and manage them well) often within a framework of extremely complex and constantly changing dynamics. The CEO's and executives I work with tell me that they can’t predict day to day what situations they will be dealing with or what events will be on their calendar, let alone the following week!

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Getting Connected

Can you believe that it’s mid-December already? It seems to me that we’ve started shopping and decorating sooner this year than ever before – perhaps, that’s because we are ready for a new year! That’s certainly what I’ve been hearing recently. As I’ve been traveling throughout the country speaking on leadership and resilience these past few months, I’ve noticed a key theme that I want to share with you as you look forward to 2010.

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Continuous Learner – A Critical Aspect for Being Resilient

Welcome Back! As you know, I took the summer off from blogging to write my second book which will be published early next year. It’s about “The Resilient Leader” and I am using a very great woman, known to you all, as an example of how to apply specific strategies and techniques to survive and thrive as a leader in challenging times. You’ll have to stay posted to see who she is!

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The Jury is Out!

Sonya Sotamayor presents us with a dilemma that faces all visible leaders. What we say and how we say it not only has to work in the moment, but also often needs to be explained and defended in the future. Read more about Sonya Sotamayer and Making Your Words Count.

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Unleashing Your Resilience

Not a week goes by that I’m not out speaking at conferences, doing webcasts or meeting with executives and the topic of these challenging times, as well the need for resilient leaders, always comes up. I just spoke on the topic of resilience at a conference in D.C. and the conversation came around work/life integration. I heard over and over again how people are coping with high levels of change, trying valiantly to sustain their health and energy – through cut-backs and reorganization – in an effort to keep themselves and their teams engaged in the work at hand.

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How Great Leaders Create Great Change

Have you been watching the politics play out in Washington this week? I guess you could say the honeymoon’s over for President Obama. While Congress debates his proposed bill, the “First 100 Days” of his administration are being closely watched by concerned men and women throughout the country. They are looking for him to “walk the talk” and deliver on the change he promised in his campaign. He’s got a big job ahead of him.

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